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About Us

It preparedness- in touch with tomorrow.
We know children world over, enjoy Computers and take to them like fish to water at SGPS Varanasi, it facilities are an important part of the teaching 塲ning experience. Computer skills are part of our regular curriculum. We have facilities to back this in our networked computer Laboratory.

The interner and available online education offers marvellous opportunities to make learing exciting, experiment and just in time .Computer and internet are available to children so that they can use for study of different subjects as well as for communication. This give children that additional edge by making learning a multi- sensory, self- paced experience.

Sports Center
Sports are important part of developing and learning at SGPS, Varanasi. Team games are crucial for learning how to work closely with group to achieve common Goals. The teams we are currently include Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis and Badminton.

The sports complex has indoor games facilities for Chess, Table Tennis ,Badminton and Carom. At SGPS Varanasi, at staff of qualified instructors and coaches train the children the year around in at outdoor sports and one indoor sports activity through the year . The competition leading up to the sports day ensure horizontal participation through the house system. Most students participate in at least one for their house teams.

Performing and Visual Arts Performing and creative Arts activities are parts of the timetable at School. Extracurricular activities provide the impetus for further participation and peer evaluation.

Varanasi and creative Arts activities are parts of the timetable at School. Varanasi and creative heritage a strong backdrop for development in this are. Workshopes , excursion and field trips, meeting craftsmen in their ambiance is a norm. These activities are further spurred on through planned Workshopes, lecture demonstration and performance from in and around Varanasi and outside .

The children love using these for spontaneous, public performances children plan and execute activities for special assemblies like the independence day, women day, traffic day. On the visual arts side SGPS Varanasi classes in Art, exploration of different media like batik, crayon, water colour, oil painting, sketching, etc.

Resource center and demo labs
Beside classrooms the resource centre an important centre for children to pursue their curiosities, seek answers to their questions and acquire a discipline of life long leading at school. Computers are an integral part of the library where guided access to the net , give children accesss to a universe of information Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths have their individual laboratories experimentation to answer in a scientific and logic manner. We have taken care and investments to make laboratories lively, interactive and comprehensively equipped.

To successfully fulfil our role in the children,s lives, We need the active involvement of our parents and most importantly, their agreement with are ways of doing things. For this, we invite the close co-operation of parents and teachers to work as a team. Absolute essential for a parents is being a part of children day to day work. This is a tremendous confidence booster for the children, especially for one who need the additional support. The collaboration goes a long way in building confidence and a sense of security in your child. Built into the system at Varanasi are regular feedback channels involving all three the child, parents and teachers. We see to it that it that regular, manadotry parents-teacher meeting (PTMs) ensure interaction between all three. We include bi-weekly walk in the time, buil into the timetable so that the teacher are accessible to parents and any issue that need to be discussed are never left pending for long.

We user in a daily communation channel via space in the children,s diaries and a walk in time everyday, too. We desire parents to volunteer as is convention to them for school activities, regularly in the class room or occasionally.

There is also a library of books on parenting and relevant issues school Varanasi is an interested in parenting and regularly plans Workshops, especially caring parents needs.

PARENTS 偃HERS MEETING: We hold regular parents-teachers meeting. There is a walk in time everyday so that no problems is left unattended.

DIARIES: Diaries ensure an option to communicate daily with the teacher of school.

SCHOOL WEB SITE: We declare result on the school web site and on the school notice board.

VIRTUAL SCHOOL: The school virtual school , an interactive portal, provides a platform for online communication. As a parent, who can view your child individual growth, assignment, worksheets, syllabus, time- table, result e-mail facilities are also available.

SGPS Varanasi health centre manned by trained staff. Regular medical checkups, records of individual growth parameter like height weight, strength and stamina and tracked at regular interval. Most values are reflected in the biannual report cards for every child.

The administrative systems are computerized and networked connectivity and easy access to a child,s records by the administrative staff at all times.

Knowing that convenient, efficient and reliable transport is a must for peace of mind,SGPS has invested heavily in setting up its own transport system. Our own buses are equipped with every thing a student could ask for. They are designed to stringent safety standers and ensure safe travel. What, s more, we train the drivers and conductors to be sensitive to the needs of children and parents
The buses are equipped with, efficient service, there is always a teachers on every bus.

School Mission

"Challenging students to reach their academic and soical potentials".

School Vision

Stemming from our mission statement are six characteristics for each student to exhibit at all times

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